Church History

Christ Apostolic Church-World Soul WinninEvangelistic Ministry, was founded by Apostle Dr. T.O. Obadare, the world renowned Evangelist from Nigeria.


 Christ Apostolic Church WOSEM is a Spirit-filled, biblically-based church with a passion for helping people draw closer to God through a relationship with Jesus Christ. We invite you to attend our services at one of our church locations.  


Having sensed the call of God on his life, Timothy submitted and set himself to be a vessel to be used by God. This led to many encounters with the Lord. One of these encounters took place in 1952 and was a pointer to his call to the ministry. That year, all the members of the Apostolic Church were commanded by God to participate in a period of fasting and prayer for ten days. On the tenth day of the program, during the normal Sunday morning service, Obadare received what could be called a spiritual ordination from the God. He narrated the experience as follows:

I saw a wonderful hand, bigger than any hand in world. The hand descended upon my head like a cap and oil was poured on my head and it streamed down my feet. Then the spirit of God made me to prophesy mighty things from 9.15 a.m. to 1 p.m. and there was no other thing done in the service that day and the prophecies were recorded.[2]